Friday, April 24, 2009

whats new

Im horrible at writing in my blog. What should I talk about?

Well, I came to a settlement on me court case I had going.It was an ugly adventure. AND it took a long time.

I got a tattoo. I drew a design up, and my artist put in his own thoughts. Very well combined. Its not quite finished yet. I need to go back to get color. So far, its just an outline. Its a bunch of junk food. I love it.

I colored my hair again. It was a faded hot pink. It faded horribly. You could see the bleach yellowing from underneath. Thats never good. I told the hair stylist how I loved purple, and pink, too. So she combined them. Its a hot bright purple! I love it! Its so beautiful. Way prettier than the hot pink.

I need to go to San Diego next month. My best friend is going to graduate law school. How exciting!! Im very proud of her.

Thats all for now. I'm going to go stuff my face. :)

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