Friday, September 21, 2012

Sea Treasures - In The Making - Process Jewelry Making

I have a favorite artist. Her name is Jane Wynn. Years ago on one my my Borders Book Store visits, I ran into her book. Now, let e tell you that I would frequent these book stores and spend several hours going through craft books, trying to get inspired. Beading and Cook books used to be my fave. Anyway, I ran into her book called Altered Curiosities. It was lightning of info going through my brain! I skimmed through the pages and knew it was the book I had to leave with. Here is here LINK to visit her shop. Your welcome.

My Octopus necklace is inspired from her creation process shown in her book. Still different, but you can see how she's helped me put this together. These are not thorough instructions. It is just a simple way of saying what I did. Buy Jane's book for a better understanding of how to create your own look.

I separated a long strand of twine. I would have liked to have another thread, but didn't have anything at the time. You can try other threads if you like.

I found chain I wanted to use and braided the twine adding random beads along the way. I also had broken chain from another project that I linked together as well.

I drilled holes at the top of my finished pendant. I used a thin drill bit, and went straight through the back.

I used head pins through the drilled holes, then made a loop in the front to connect my chain. I will clean up the back of the pendant with a solid color resin, to hide my work and sanding.

I really wanted to add more twine, I thought it would bring a fish net look to my sea themed piece. Maybe next time I won't unravel each strand. Live and learn, yes?

I wish the dimension showed more in the photo. Here is the finished piece. The octopus is a glittery sea green with foil like eyes. An anchor sits in the front and real sea shells mixed into the glittery gold sand. I might add extra twine. tonight. :0)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Making Resin Skull Earrings - My Process

I like to share on Instagram, but I thought I would share here just for others who don't use the app on the smart phone. I wanted to share how I created a skull flat back bead cabochon from a skull head. I purchased a skeleton at the Dollar Store. I took his head and sliced it down the middle with a razor blade. Usually I slice my finger, but luckily not this time! :0) I then stuffed the hollowed skull head with clay, so that when I create a mold, I won't have air inside and make an odd shape. Instead of using silicone to create a mold, I used my vacuum former. I created a plastic see-through mold, perfect to make a smooth skull head! The next day I popped out my skull head and added crystals over the eyes. I hate making bows, and dealing with ribbon. Nut Had to use some for her head onto these earrings! I really do love how they came out. I'm making a bunch now - and some are even for me to keep! :0)