Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY Ring Holder - Vending Display idea

I had signed up for the Fresno Craft Bazaar which was last week. I knew I had to get on the ball and start creating my display. I had a bunch of new rings made and needed to show them off some way. Well, I seen the simple ones being sold at Michael's craft store. But I really wanted to have something more brighter, more colorful. I decided to create one with the things I had at home. If you would like to create one as well, it costs less than $7 from items at your dollar store. I had about a yard of fabric at home, but you can get some from the remnant section for about $2 at Wal-Mart or JoAnns, too. Items I used were: a tray found in the dishes section, colorful foam sheets, glue gun with a pack of glue sticks, fabric to cover each foam sheet, scissors. I started off rolling each foam sheet and gluing them shut. I had found some fluffy pillow stuffing from one of my many unfinished projects, and decided to stuff them to be harder. This is optional, but I wanted to make them more firm. I should have bought another pack of foam sheets at the dollar store. But when i started this project, it was well after 2 am, and I didn't want to wait to finish my ring holder! That being said, I searched my studio and found bubble wrap. I then rolled them up firm and hot glued them closed. But don't glue them into the tray yet! Let's cover them with some leftover fabric I had laying around my fabric case. I collect fabric, although my sewing machine has been in storage for over a year. Ha! I then piled each foam in the tray to see if it would be too squishy, or check if the gap is too big. The ring fits perfect and now I'm ready to glue on my fabric. After I glue on my fabric, I glue the rolls right down into the tray. I am happy with the turn out! I am happy to have created a bright colored ring display. By the way, I got compliments on my display the whole day at the craft show. I wish I had more pics of my display holding my jewelry, but I was so busy, I didn't get a chance! I also Left my phone at home and didn't get any good pics. I will get some next time. :0)