Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Re Cap - You Were a Good Year

I haven't went camping since I was little. I would go with Grandma, Grandpa, mom and the family to Stevens Creek or Dinky Creek. Probably more, but I can't remember them all.
This year I went with my cousins Flea Bite and Stink-anie, (childhood nicknames), to San Mateo Memorial Park and pitched a tent in between some big ass trees. I also met some banana slugs, and many racoons! Let me tell you, I needed this vacation! I had no internet and phone service. The weather was so fresh and crisp. I can't wait to do it again. Breakfast and coffee tasted so much better in the forest!

I also went on vacation this year! Ah! Being self employed has it's perks! I went to Chicago, Illinois for the first time ever. The thought started off as I was talking with crafty chick Krysta from A La Carte Craftery about my wish to see Jack White from The White Stripes. She said, "Is he on tour right now?" and pulled out her phone to Google him. There he was, all over the place, including California! So my search started to find concert tickets. I ended up buying tix to Lollapalooza all the way in Chicago this August. I also got to see At The Drive In!! Yee-ya!

I think it was a 5-6 hour flight from California. Me and my cousin Stink-anie flew from San Francisco to O'Hare. Getting off the plane I felt the humidity, ick! The first thing we did was eat a Chicago style pizza, the thickest pizza I've ever met! We each had one slice and saved the rest for din din. We were stuffed!

As we walked out, the rain caught us off guard and we ran to Union Station til it slowed. It felt as if we jumped in a pool in just a matter of seconds. I later heard that Lollapalooza was evacuated from the rain that day. It was a three day event, but I was going the next day. Three day tix were all sold out. :0( The food in Chicago was very memorable. I found a sammich place called PotBelly's that was on the same corner as where we stayed. I still crave the Mediterranean sammy! Mmm! With Zapps chippies!

I also went to the top of the Willis Tower (SEARS TOWER) although I do not have a pic at the moment. I will snag one from the internet world so you can see the skyscraper. It's the tallest building in North America, just for those that did not know.

The sky deck is located at the 103rd floor, which is where I went. I was very nervous to take that first step onto the glass floor. My palms were sweaty and I was frightened. With a couple hands held, I was able to get on and all was well. I even sat inside and had a pic taken. My cousin has the pic on her camera. I will upload as soon as I get them. We kinda procrastinate. :0)

OMG! Fat pizza pie from Giordanos in Chicago! Yesss!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sea Treasures - In The Making - Process Jewelry Making

I have a favorite artist. Her name is Jane Wynn. Years ago on one my my Borders Book Store visits, I ran into her book. Now, let e tell you that I would frequent these book stores and spend several hours going through craft books, trying to get inspired. Beading and Cook books used to be my fave. Anyway, I ran into her book called Altered Curiosities. It was lightning of info going through my brain! I skimmed through the pages and knew it was the book I had to leave with. Here is here LINK to visit her shop. Your welcome.

My Octopus necklace is inspired from her creation process shown in her book. Still different, but you can see how she's helped me put this together. These are not thorough instructions. It is just a simple way of saying what I did. Buy Jane's book for a better understanding of how to create your own look.

I separated a long strand of twine. I would have liked to have another thread, but didn't have anything at the time. You can try other threads if you like.

I found chain I wanted to use and braided the twine adding random beads along the way. I also had broken chain from another project that I linked together as well.

I drilled holes at the top of my finished pendant. I used a thin drill bit, and went straight through the back.

I used head pins through the drilled holes, then made a loop in the front to connect my chain. I will clean up the back of the pendant with a solid color resin, to hide my work and sanding.

I really wanted to add more twine, I thought it would bring a fish net look to my sea themed piece. Maybe next time I won't unravel each strand. Live and learn, yes?

I wish the dimension showed more in the photo. Here is the finished piece. The octopus is a glittery sea green with foil like eyes. An anchor sits in the front and real sea shells mixed into the glittery gold sand. I might add extra twine. tonight. :0)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Making Resin Skull Earrings - My Process

I like to share on Instagram, but I thought I would share here just for others who don't use the app on the smart phone. I wanted to share how I created a skull flat back bead cabochon from a skull head. I purchased a skeleton at the Dollar Store. I took his head and sliced it down the middle with a razor blade. Usually I slice my finger, but luckily not this time! :0) I then stuffed the hollowed skull head with clay, so that when I create a mold, I won't have air inside and make an odd shape. Instead of using silicone to create a mold, I used my vacuum former. I created a plastic see-through mold, perfect to make a smooth skull head! The next day I popped out my skull head and added crystals over the eyes. I hate making bows, and dealing with ribbon. Nut Had to use some for her head onto these earrings! I really do love how they came out. I'm making a bunch now - and some are even for me to keep! :0)

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Proper Burial - My Design for a Wasp Bee Necklace

On Easter, I am up quite early prepping for my visit to grandmas house. While I wait for lil sister to pick me up to ride together, I decide to pick up around the house. I go out to toss the trash and left the front door open, as I would step out for just a sec. Upon my quick return, I hear a loud buzzing. At my craft table, near the front door, is a wasp the size of Texas trying to get into the window blinds. After I scream bloody murder, my sister arrives and I dash out of the house leaving the wasp alone. I came home in the evening and had forgot all about that wasp incident. I get into fix a shower and notice the wasp on the bathroom floor, dead. What if I stepped on it?? I examined it, and before it was flushed into the toilet, I noticed how lovely it looked. She seemed to have beautiful almond shaped eyes, that looked half open. Well, I didn't want to flush her at all. I wanted to show off her beautiful colors, and give her a proper burial. She was very soft, still very flimsy and delicate. I carefully put her onto a lid and let her sit over night.
The next day, I start her new home. I started the resin pour, and gently lowered my wasp. I wonder if I moved her antennas upward, if they would have broke off? I didn't want to break her, so I left her alone.

I had a few dried flowers that I had saved for a few years. I being a craft hoarder, knew the day would come when I was going to use them. I lined the edge of the flowers with a light sprinkle of glitter.

I've also added some crystals and colored pearls, and a small silver cross. I didn't want a busy background, So I used black glitter.

The final picture! I sanded the edges, and glazed this to a high shine! I hand beaded the chain using black and gold glass beads, and two rose shaped beads as well. The final resting place of the Wasp. :) Her beauty can always be admired. -Razz

Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY Ring Holder - Vending Display idea

I had signed up for the Fresno Craft Bazaar which was last week. I knew I had to get on the ball and start creating my display. I had a bunch of new rings made and needed to show them off some way. Well, I seen the simple ones being sold at Michael's craft store. But I really wanted to have something more brighter, more colorful. I decided to create one with the things I had at home. If you would like to create one as well, it costs less than $7 from items at your dollar store. I had about a yard of fabric at home, but you can get some from the remnant section for about $2 at Wal-Mart or JoAnns, too. Items I used were: a tray found in the dishes section, colorful foam sheets, glue gun with a pack of glue sticks, fabric to cover each foam sheet, scissors. I started off rolling each foam sheet and gluing them shut. I had found some fluffy pillow stuffing from one of my many unfinished projects, and decided to stuff them to be harder. This is optional, but I wanted to make them more firm. I should have bought another pack of foam sheets at the dollar store. But when i started this project, it was well after 2 am, and I didn't want to wait to finish my ring holder! That being said, I searched my studio and found bubble wrap. I then rolled them up firm and hot glued them closed. But don't glue them into the tray yet! Let's cover them with some leftover fabric I had laying around my fabric case. I collect fabric, although my sewing machine has been in storage for over a year. Ha! I then piled each foam in the tray to see if it would be too squishy, or check if the gap is too big. The ring fits perfect and now I'm ready to glue on my fabric. After I glue on my fabric, I glue the rolls right down into the tray. I am happy with the turn out! I am happy to have created a bright colored ring display. By the way, I got compliments on my display the whole day at the craft show. I wish I had more pics of my display holding my jewelry, but I was so busy, I didn't get a chance! I also Left my phone at home and didn't get any good pics. I will get some next time. :0)