Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What am I doing? More Resin

13 years old and a brat!

I weighed myself yesterday morning. I lost 5 lbs. That's not too much being that I started Weight Watchers again and have been following it for about 2-3 weeks already. BUT i did stop exercising. I feel bad about that. I used to walk everyday, but it's so flippen hot around here. I haven't used the treadmill either. I'm so lazy. I have a liking for E bay. I have been addicted for a week or two. I bought makeup and hair products.
Last weekend the family went up to Yosemite. Our first time. We loved it! We went to see Half Dome- which is just beautiful! AND we seen a couple waterfalls. Splendid. You really should go see it if you haven't already. I seen so many tourist there. I live so close to Yosemite, but I just took advantage of it by not going up to view it. I was missing out. It was breath taking.
My daughter has been bad lately. I really hate the new school she is at. As long as she graduates, I'll be oh so happy!
Well, Im making dinner already. I found a recipe in Henry Hill's recipe book for Lemon Basil chicken. It looked good. I love the story of Henry Hill. I also read the story his children wrote about him, too. He was such a bad father! But a funny gangster, and a good cook.