Friday, July 8, 2011

New Earrings!

I rarely create earrings. I love them, I do. I just think they are alot of work for such little shapes. I have to say, the least favorite thing I love about making my pieces is the sanding and polishing. Anyway, here are my first dangles, small star and heart shapes!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Warming up!

I am a bit rusty on writing. I have been through one rough road since the last time I blogged!! Things have settled down a bit, and I can't complain. I'm quite happy!

Let me tell you about my first big event! I have been doing well on improving my jewelry, and learned new techniques. Creating my jewelry just makes everything better! A couple weeks ago, I received a message from an event coordinator for the Buchanan High school's Fourth Of July firework show! Yippee! I had been doing small craft fairs in my neighborhood! So this was a big deal for me.

I went to the thrift store.

I found a wonderful vintage Tupperware cake holder display thingy for $1.50! Oooh! I now have a little bit of height! I took it home to spray paint a melon-ish pinkish color, (please forgive me dear Tupperware Gods), and I thought it looked great! I then created this huge cupcake that will now it will hold jewelry all around. I also made a few bows, and put my cabochons in the center. This was a hit!! I never realized so many chicas liked bows and hair flowers! I attached then to the top of my huge cupcake.

The day of the event, my sweet honey, Juan, helped me out and greeted people. He even sold items! I was overwhelmed at times, and wasn't able to wander or leave my booth at all. Lots of ladies asked how I created my pretties. Shhh! My secrets ;)

Let me tell you, this day was so hot! 107 - 108 degrees I think! My chair was made of this weird cheap nylon, and made my flowy dress stick to me and gave me total wedgies! Ugh! That was the worst thing about that day!! Lol! Anyway, I did good, and the night cooled off so much, I slept like a baby.

So, I've learned alot about doing this event! I am still working on creating a better display, and I've been working on pendants this week, and I'll post some new things I'm creating real soon. Oh, and next event, I will wear big comfy chonies, too.