Thursday, September 20, 2012

Making Resin Skull Earrings - My Process

I like to share on Instagram, but I thought I would share here just for others who don't use the app on the smart phone. I wanted to share how I created a skull flat back bead cabochon from a skull head. I purchased a skeleton at the Dollar Store. I took his head and sliced it down the middle with a razor blade. Usually I slice my finger, but luckily not this time! :0) I then stuffed the hollowed skull head with clay, so that when I create a mold, I won't have air inside and make an odd shape. Instead of using silicone to create a mold, I used my vacuum former. I created a plastic see-through mold, perfect to make a smooth skull head! The next day I popped out my skull head and added crystals over the eyes. I hate making bows, and dealing with ribbon. Nut Had to use some for her head onto these earrings! I really do love how they came out. I'm making a bunch now - and some are even for me to keep! :0)

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