Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Re Cap - You Were a Good Year

I haven't went camping since I was little. I would go with Grandma, Grandpa, mom and the family to Stevens Creek or Dinky Creek. Probably more, but I can't remember them all.
This year I went with my cousins Flea Bite and Stink-anie, (childhood nicknames), to San Mateo Memorial Park and pitched a tent in between some big ass trees. I also met some banana slugs, and many racoons! Let me tell you, I needed this vacation! I had no internet and phone service. The weather was so fresh and crisp. I can't wait to do it again. Breakfast and coffee tasted so much better in the forest!

I also went on vacation this year! Ah! Being self employed has it's perks! I went to Chicago, Illinois for the first time ever. The thought started off as I was talking with crafty chick Krysta from A La Carte Craftery about my wish to see Jack White from The White Stripes. She said, "Is he on tour right now?" and pulled out her phone to Google him. There he was, all over the place, including California! So my search started to find concert tickets. I ended up buying tix to Lollapalooza all the way in Chicago this August. I also got to see At The Drive In!! Yee-ya!

I think it was a 5-6 hour flight from California. Me and my cousin Stink-anie flew from San Francisco to O'Hare. Getting off the plane I felt the humidity, ick! The first thing we did was eat a Chicago style pizza, the thickest pizza I've ever met! We each had one slice and saved the rest for din din. We were stuffed!

As we walked out, the rain caught us off guard and we ran to Union Station til it slowed. It felt as if we jumped in a pool in just a matter of seconds. I later heard that Lollapalooza was evacuated from the rain that day. It was a three day event, but I was going the next day. Three day tix were all sold out. :0( The food in Chicago was very memorable. I found a sammich place called PotBelly's that was on the same corner as where we stayed. I still crave the Mediterranean sammy! Mmm! With Zapps chippies!

I also went to the top of the Willis Tower (SEARS TOWER) although I do not have a pic at the moment. I will snag one from the internet world so you can see the skyscraper. It's the tallest building in North America, just for those that did not know.

The sky deck is located at the 103rd floor, which is where I went. I was very nervous to take that first step onto the glass floor. My palms were sweaty and I was frightened. With a couple hands held, I was able to get on and all was well. I even sat inside and had a pic taken. My cousin has the pic on her camera. I will upload as soon as I get them. We kinda procrastinate. :0)

OMG! Fat pizza pie from Giordanos in Chicago! Yesss!

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