Monday, April 23, 2012

A Proper Burial - My Design for a Wasp Bee Necklace

On Easter, I am up quite early prepping for my visit to grandmas house. While I wait for lil sister to pick me up to ride together, I decide to pick up around the house. I go out to toss the trash and left the front door open, as I would step out for just a sec. Upon my quick return, I hear a loud buzzing. At my craft table, near the front door, is a wasp the size of Texas trying to get into the window blinds. After I scream bloody murder, my sister arrives and I dash out of the house leaving the wasp alone. I came home in the evening and had forgot all about that wasp incident. I get into fix a shower and notice the wasp on the bathroom floor, dead. What if I stepped on it?? I examined it, and before it was flushed into the toilet, I noticed how lovely it looked. She seemed to have beautiful almond shaped eyes, that looked half open. Well, I didn't want to flush her at all. I wanted to show off her beautiful colors, and give her a proper burial. She was very soft, still very flimsy and delicate. I carefully put her onto a lid and let her sit over night.
The next day, I start her new home. I started the resin pour, and gently lowered my wasp. I wonder if I moved her antennas upward, if they would have broke off? I didn't want to break her, so I left her alone.

I had a few dried flowers that I had saved for a few years. I being a craft hoarder, knew the day would come when I was going to use them. I lined the edge of the flowers with a light sprinkle of glitter.

I've also added some crystals and colored pearls, and a small silver cross. I didn't want a busy background, So I used black glitter.

The final picture! I sanded the edges, and glazed this to a high shine! I hand beaded the chain using black and gold glass beads, and two rose shaped beads as well. The final resting place of the Wasp. :) Her beauty can always be admired. -Razz

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